2019 March


Message from the president

Dear brothers, I hope this bulletin finds you all well. I would like to invite you to our chapter meeting at the Hellenic Community center of Greater Montreal at 6:30pm. on Tuesday March 19 at 6:30 pm.

On January 22, 2019 the cutting of the Vasilopita and our first joint meeting with the Daughters of Penelope and Maids of Athena was held at the Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox church. In addition, our chapter attended the Ottawa Comedy night fundraiser on January 25, 2019.

The Annual Valentines Ball that was held on February 8, 2019 was a great success with $134,000 raised in collaboration with the PK Subban Foundation and donated to PK’s Helping hand at the Montreal Children Hospital Foundation. On behalf of the chapter I would like to thank the Chairman of the Committee brother James Hutchison and the rest of the committee for their hard work on organizing such a successful event and continuing the chapter’s tradition in helping children’s causes.

I would also like to highlight that chapter elections will be held on the April 15, 2019 chapter meeting which will be held at the Hellenic Community center of Greater Montreal at 6:30pm. I am encouraging any brother who wants to run for executive positions including the presidency to please come forward.

On February 9 a meeting was held with the Supreme President of AHEPA George Loucas and AHEPA Canada President Bro. Chris Argiriou where various topics were discussed.
We will also be electing delegates for the District and supreme conventions during the April 15, 2019 chapter meeting.

Over the course of the next three months various important events will be occurring. Please see below for more information.

The 2019 chapter dues are currently being mailed. Please do not wait until you receive the invoice to pay your dues, be pro-active and send them in. Please contact me or Bro. James Hutchison for details on how to pay your dues. Please help us in this area as this is very time consuming process. You may also pay your dues at the chapter meeting.

Next Chapter Meeting

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

6:30 pm 
Hellenic Community Center
5757 Wilderton avenue


6:30 p.m. Call to Order 

Opening Prayer
Reading of Minutes 
Business Arising from  Minutes  Correspondence 

  • President  
  • Treasurer : Financial Statement 2017-2018 
  • Membership 2019
  • Valentines Ball  
  • Public relations
  • AFCFC & District Scholarships 
  • Upcoming events

    -March 25 Festivities including Dinner         March 22 & parade on March 25
    – AHEPA Day
    – Golf
    – Hellenic History tournament & donation
    – District & Supreme Conventions
    – April Chapter Election

  • New Business  
  • Current Business  
  • For the Good of the Order

7:30 p.m. 
Adjournment  of the Meeting
and start of dinner


Dear Brothers, what started off as an out-of-the-box idea reaching out to the PK Subban Foundation, has resulted in a huge success story worthy of the NHL. A record-breaking amount for a single ball of $134,000 was unveiled with Karl and Maria Subban representing our Partner, the PKSF, for this year’s 20th Annual St. Valentine’s campaign.

Many thanks to our Honorary Chairman and Brother the Hon. Senator Leo Housakos, for all his support with many major sponsors and his help gathering many guests to attend. Many thanks as well to all the Brothers and Sisters, family and friends, our loyal donors and sponsors for all their tremendous contributions. Everyone’s patience and cooperation was truly helpful with our first-ever December dollar-matching pro-gram that extended throughout January as well. Many thanks to all the Brothers and Sisters that attended the Ball especially those from out of town, province and country making this year’s Ball another record-breaker for the most guests in attendance with over 325. It’s proba-bly the first-ever Ball to also have all four Supreme Presidents there; AHEPA’s Brother George E. Loucas, DOP’s Sister Demi Thomas, SOP’s Brother Gregory Vourloumis and MOA’s Sister Tatiana Tsaprailis. We were also fortunate to have with us DOP Governor re-gion 5 Sister Margret Dristas, our Canadian President Brother Christos Argiriou, Ambassador Dimitris Azemopoulos, AHEPA’s Executive Director Basil Mossaides, Supreme Lodge Gov-ernor zone 5 Brother Craig Theros from Michigan and many Brothers and Sisters from Ottawa and Toronto.

Many thanks to all the Brothers and Sisters on this year’s Valentine’s committee for all their work, suggestions and support throughout. I took on the role of being the first-ever Chairman of the Ball very seriously and tried my very best not to disappoint. This year’s committee brought members from the very first Ball in 2000 to participate and while others on the com-mittee participated for their very first time. Smiles and heart-felt applause were all that could be seen and heard as we unveiled before our guests, on the flip side of our huge contribution cheque, our Montreal AHEPA Family’s St.Valentine’s Ball 20 year total combined amount of $1,021,000 raised towards causes “For The Love of Children” in the Greater Montreal Area. We succeeded on helping the Montreal Children’s Hospital through P.K.’s Helping Hand while breaking the One Million dollar mark, truly a WIN- WIN partnership.

Too often people comment about returning to the same venue however this year brought out the very best of our suppliers, hotel Crowne Plaza and Plaza Volare staff, our event donors and the technical suppliers we are blessed to have close to us and have built a relationship where they have come to know what we need and expect so that our back is covered when things go slightly amiss.
definite highlight of the evening was to have P.K’s thank you video for our guests and hav-ing both his parents there with us. Seeing Karl Subban draw a door prize and having the win-ner Joanne Plaitis come-up to have her photo and receive a personalized autograph of a copy of Karl’s newly release book “How we did it” signed on the spot for her was also quite different. Over $12,000 in prizes were given out that night from our Key raffle.

Lastly, all the donation cheques have already been couriered to the AFCFC foundation with the tax receipts to be prepared shortly. We beg of your patience and understanding as we are all volunteers even at the AHEPA Family Foundation level.

Many thanks once again and for more information please contact
Chairman James Hutchison at
(514) 715-0960.

AHEPA Montreal Executive

Ioannis Panagiotou, CPA, CA

James Hutchison  

Nicolas Sigounis  

Peter Paraschis

Board of Governors:

Jimmy Dionissopoulos P.P

Frank Antoniou, P.C.P

Peter Papadopoulos, P.P.

Lazarus Kalipolidis, P.C.P.

Demetris J. Yantsulis, P.P.
Director of Public Relations

Ioannis Bougas
VP Hellism

Kenneth Matziorinis
VP Education

Peter Prassas, P.P.
VP Civic Responsibility

Jim Christou
Sons Advisor


The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal has invited our chapter to attend the Independence Day festivities; the Official Dinner, the Doxologia and finally the annual parade. As in every year, our chapter has been asked to reserve a table for the March 25 Official Dinner which will take place at the Hellenic Community center on Wilderton at 6:30pm on Friday March 22nd. The cost of each ticket is $25. I would appreciate all the brothers support to fill the table and show a strong presence for this event.

The Greek Independence parade will take place on Sunday March 24 and will start at 1pm. I would appreciate all brothers can make an effort to attend the Greek Indepence parade in order to show our support to our Greek customs and honor our ancestors on this sacred day.

Brothers because as the chapter President I will be attending various events on that weekend, I would appreciate if some volunteers can assist me and the executive in coordinating the Sunday parade including picking up the flags and other banners from the office and assembling everyone before the parade on the corner of Hutchison and Jean-Talon. In addition each year we visit a Greek Association near the parade location to partake in the annual luncheon and show our support. This year we will be attending the Roumeliotan Association at 937A Saint Roch 2nd floor. The entrance is $25 per person and we must reserve before so kindly call Brother James Hutchision ASAP at (514) 715-0960.

Below is a list of all the events taking place to celebrate our Greek Independence day:

— Official Dinner : Friday March 22 at 6:30 pm at the Hellenic Community Center of Montreal on 5757 av. Wilderton. Cost of each ticket is $25.

— Doxologia (church service): Sunday March 24 at 10:30 am at the Evangelismos Tis Theotokou church on 777 St. Roch in Montreal.

— Greek Independence Parade: March 24 at 12:30 assembly in the corner of Hutchison and Jean-Talon streets.

— Traditional luncheon at the Roumeliotan Association 937A Saint Roch 2nd floor immediately following the parade.


The Daughters of Penelope have graciously proposed to help organize the AHEPA Day and have suggested that it be held at the Evangelismos Greek Orthodox church on Sunday June 2, 2019. The following three suggestions have been made by the priest for our own considerations:

1) Mnimosino: The first names are read out loud. We would need to obtain Koliva. The cost is 100$ plus the cost of the Koliva.
2) Trisagio: The names are read in the altar (not out loud). We would need to bring a pie size plate of Koliva at no additional cost.
3) Doxologia: Wreath laying. No names are mentioned just a general saying such as deceased members of AHEPA Family at no additional cost.

There is also a proposal that following the service that lunch be purchased from Roasters and served at an approximate cost of $15 per person.

AHEPA Golf Tournament

During the chapter meeting we will discuss the organizing of the AHEPA Golf Tournament. Brothers I urge you to join the committee because as you know the Golf tournament is the main event that helps raise funds for our chapter to meet its financial obligations.

AHEPA District 23 Hellenic History Tournament

Brother Byron Yankou, District 23 VP Hellenism, is helping to organize the second annual District 23 Hellenic History Tournament. The history tournament`s purpose is to assemble high-school students from the various cities within the District 23 area to compete in a Jeopardy type of tournament where teams of three students are asked various Hellenic History trivia questions with the first, second and third place winners will be awarded cash prizes.

Each AHEPA chapter within the district 23 is asked to contribute a cash donation of $500 for each team and that a minimum of two teams be sponsored. The funds will be used to fund the cash prizes to be awarded to the winners of the tournament. Each chapter will also be asked to find teams to send to the Tournament which will be held at the York University.

Congratulations to our LIFE TIME Brother Demetris J. Yantsulis

20th Annual Valentines Ball

Hellenic History Tournament

84th Annual Beaver District #23
AHEPA Family Convention, Toronto


AHEPA members are proud of the contributions the ancient Greeks gifted to Western Civilization. As AHEPANS, we share many of the values put forth by them: civic responsibility, philanthropy, education, family and individual excellence, and the ideals of democracy. 

Sons of Pericles

SONS of pericles

We are dedicated to improving our communities through Philanthropy and Civic Responsibility. The pursuit of excellence in Education and Athletics helps stimulate and prepare tomorrow’s Leaders. These ideals comprise the goals that every member of the Sons of Pericles strives to achieve.

daughters of penelope

The objectives of the Daughters of Penelope are to promote Hellenism, Education, Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, and Family & Individual Excellence

Maids of Athena

maids of athena

The Maids of Athena is an international philanthropic and fraternal organization, and the junior auxiliary to the Daughters of Penelope. Founded in 1930, our sisterhood quickly grew among young Greek women and today claims chapters across the US, Canada, and Greece.